It's BugDay again!

Tuesday July 18th, 2000

Asa Dotzler writes, "Join us on IRC for a day of bug hunting, triaging and Mozilla quality discussion. If you're new to Mozilla there are plenty of helpful people on hand to get you started testing and reporting bugs. If you're a community QA veteran then please drop in and help us get some bugs tested, confirmed and verified. The push to M17 and Netscape's coinciding PR2 is underway and there's lots of testing and bug verification needed to make that happen. Stop in to #mozillazine on and do your part to help make Mozilla better."

#1 Awesome Bugday!!!

by linunix

Tuesday July 18th, 2000 9:46 PM

Hey everybody, go support Mozilla. Go join #mozillazine at (the irc server). It is amazing. I got so much help today. And the best part is I helped find new bugs. I even added a huge comment to bug #41899. Bugdays are very important because lot of people are there and willing to help and fix bugs in mozilla. Newbies who are having trouble, join that chatroom for great help in Mozilla. I know Mozilla is great browswer but soon it will beat all competition (its getting there, believe me). So go download Mozilla , join #mozillazine and do something productive. Help mozilla to be the best. The people in #mozillazine are very good, helpful and nice which is to me awesome

#2 damn irc :(

by doode

Wednesday July 19th, 2000 1:55 AM

i can never get on anymore.... here's what it says

[] Looking up IP number for [] Found IP number: [] Identd waiting for connection [] Contacting server [] Connection with established [] *** Looking up your hostname... [] *** Found your hostname [] *** ERROR Closing Link: (No reason (2000/06/30 03.18)) [] is closing the connection [] Connection with closed

why?????? please help!