Weekend Discussion: Microsoft and 86%

Friday July 14th, 2000

There has been a lot of discussion about Microsoft's release of IE 5.5 recently, especially in regards to their support for standards such as CSS, DOM, and XML. Apparently Microsoft is developing new proprietary technologies at the expense of standards compliance in core web technologies.

The conversation in the WSP's mailing list has gotten overheated, and the WSP has released a piece on IE 5.5.

CNet is running an article on IE 5.5's proprietary new features, and there's a discussion on Slashdot regarding this very issue.

I now have a weblog at the O'Reilly Network, and you can check out my first piece, devoted to Microsoft's .NET initiative, which hits on Microsoft's standards support.

With all this hoopla aimed at Microsoft, we shouldn't be letting Netscape off easy. I think it's time for Netscape to come out and state clearly where they expect to be in terms of standards compliance at version 6.0. If it is not the 100% that we had been told to expect, it's in their best interest to say why. Remember, Netscape 6.0 will have its own "behavior" implementation (XBL) that is, at this point, just as proprietary as Microsoft's DHTML behaviors (the dev team plans on submitting XBL to the W3C in the future).

And although has not taken a position one way or another on Mozilla's standards compliance, it would be nice if they could weigh in and let the community know what they're thinking in terms of standards support in Mozilla's first release.

What do you think about standards support and compliance? Is it important? Or should the placation of existing customers be the priority? Let us know!

#69 Many people have commented on the "slow"

by drwho9437

Monday July 17th, 2000 10:54 PM

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Many people have commented on the "slow" development of mozilla. Although this is true to a certain extent one must realize that where as IE and Netscape have never started from scratch (Spyglass for IE and Mosaic for Netscape I think) Of course it takes time to reproduce everything from scratch. The Mozilla people are doing 10 years work in 2. That is quite fast. Once it gets up to speed with IE I am confident that it will quickly surpass IE in every category and win back significant market share. Sure some say that no one will download it. But I know that a lot of people have window 98 FE and have IE 5.5 now. People want the newest thing and most people will download eventually. The people who aren't prone to download on there on use services like AOL and MSN and will be nagged until they upgrade. In sum, given time Netscape/Mozilla will make a comeback unless people would rather pay 50+ for Win ME then download a 8 MB file in the days of 2 GB + mp3 collections made over 56k modems. If you build it they will switch.