Amiga and Netscape - Can't We All Just Get Along?

Wednesday July 12th, 2000

James Russell (aka Kovu) has written up a piece at on the Amiga and Netscape relationship, giving his reasons for the Amiga community to embrace the Mozilla effort for the new Amiga platform.

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by Kovu <>

Thursday July 13th, 2000 5:16 AM

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Anyone who wants to check out the new Amiga SDK htat runs through Red Hat Linux for now, for drivers, etc. for their new CPU-independent OS, it's available at here: <…z_4_1/103-4431742-3067029> and there's a review of it up here, with screenshots: <…sde/amiga/amiga_sdk_1.php> They claim the the new real-time system runs Java 22 times faster than any other JVM, and from what I've seen, it does.

This post is not so much about porting Moz to the Classic Amiga, which if you read the article I think would be kind of a waste, but to the NEW one. If Jazilla would catch up, this system would be the one to run it on.

BTW: You can code for the new system in either the Virtual Processor code, Java, or C/C++.