German MozillaZine Online!

Wednesday July 12th, 2000

Claus Augusti writes, "Hi, I just wanted to tell everybody that the German MZ has its first own article in german language online. Actually it's based on Jason Kersey's 'Packing an XPI', only compressed a little with some extra info. The next article is an introduction to the concepts and programming of the sidebar, I'll put it online next week(the first part is already online though). I also hope to meet some mozilla hackers at the Open Source Convention, as I'll be coming to the USA this morning. Hope to see you!"

The German version of MozillaZine will contain translations of our news items, as well as Mozilla news of interest to German Mozilla users. I'd like to thank Claus for all his hard work, and I'd like to also thank the other translation site maintainers for their efforts to disseminate Mozilla news throughout the world. If you are interested in doing a translation of Mozillazine into your native language, let me know.

#7 Re: Why?

by lard <>

Friday July 14th, 2000 8:08 PM

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I guess you didn't get the point? We're not translating all the articles, the site is meant to give a quick overview of the daily news, and even though most people shouldn't have a problem translating it by themselves, it's always more _convenient_ to read in your mother tongue.

To me it does not seem odd to be interested in Mozilla without understanding English (that's why it's called World Wide Web).

On the other side we also provide our own articles about Mozilla technologies and features, for learning purposes it's even more important to read and remind in your own language.