Netscape Gaining Ground?

Friday October 16th, 1998

Christian Schaller writes in with this info:

"I found this link on, to an article in Zdnet. It says that Netscape is pulling away from IE in the corporate market in a new study. Just the sort of news the mozillaZine readers like to hear -- I did at least."

#4 Re:Netscape Gaining Ground?

by arielb

Friday October 16th, 1998 2:05 PM

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Think about it. MSIE is free-so is Netscape. We can have lots of programmers working on it for free. It's alot of money for MS to match the Mozilla effort. Right now we still don't have a solid browser yet but once it's done we can get the engines rolling and it will be very hard for MS to get their money's worth. They will still try...for version 6. But the future of the internet is in Mozilla