Netscape Gaining Ground?

Friday October 16th, 1998

Christian Schaller writes in with this info:

"I found this link on, to an article in Zdnet. It says that Netscape is pulling away from IE in the corporate market in a new study. Just the sort of news the mozillaZine readers like to hear -- I did at least."

#2 Re:Netscape Gaining Ground?

by arielb

Friday October 16th, 1998 10:07 AM

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It's nice to know we're gaining ground in an important area-the corporate arena. One would tink that Microsoft had the businesses in a bag. I don't know what the corporations are thinking but once Netscape 5 comes out and anyone can do whatever they want to the code, Microsoft just won't be able to keep up. MSIE won't last beyond version 6