Mozilla integrating into MS's Active Desktop?

Thursday September 3rd, 1998

Joe Drew writes in to say, "It seems Communicator / Mozilla 5.0 will have support for the Microsoft Active Desktop, included in Internet Explorer 4.0 and Windows 98. Finally, we have *real* choices." The Preferences dialog definitely has some setup info for Active Desktop (I just checked). Very surprising, and very cool. Windows 98 is so stacked against any browser competitor that it's nice to see that they are finding their way around MS's traps! You heard it here from Joe first! Click here to visit his page about this. To see for yourself, download one of the August 24th builds from fetchBuilds or from PLEASE READ ALL WARNINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS REGARDING RUNNING THESE BUILDS!

#1 Re:Mozilla integrating into MS's Active Desktop?

by Chris Nelson <>

Thursday July 8th, 1999 9:38 AM

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This is actually just a test of the new talkback system. But, I will say that anything that throws a wrench in MS's business strategies gets the big THUMBS UP from me!