Mozilla Status Update

Friday July 7th, 2000

The latest Status Update has arrived at, with several weeks of summaries for the Mail/News, XPToolkit, Architecture, XML and DOM, Necko/Imglib and Composer groups, as well as updates for OS/2, XPCOM, XML Extras, Tru64 and IA64, and LDAP.

#8 A different view of the buildbar

by theuiguy

Friday July 7th, 2000 4:22 PM

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Maybe we have differing views of what the buildbar should mean:

Certainly the dailies are primarily made to help with testing. If I wanted to test every one of the dailies, I wouldn't need the buildbar. I want the buildbar to tell me which of the recent builds is most stable and reliable so I can upgrade and continue with a generally positive experience. I don't have time to waste on a version that generally hangs on startup or has a broken back button. I'm looking for a browser for daily use and want the buildbar to help me decide. I want the buildbar to reflect more the view of a user and not a tester. A broken back button is a thumbs down in my book.

Don't think I'm asking for a perfect browser. I'm not. I'm well aware that Mozilla isn't ready yet, and I'm willing to put up with some problems and log bugs. I've downloaded and used the milestone releases and some dailies and have discovered that the daily builds are frequently pretty good or better compared to the milestones.

Some background may help explain what I'm looking for: I'm currently developing a fairly complex web-based application that will be released later in the year. I really want this app to work with Mozilla, which has many architectural changes (DHTML, OJI, plug-in, CSS) from current browsers. I've been upgrading and testing Mozilla against my app (and doing other general testing while using the browser for everyday stuff), but testing Mozilla is obviously not my full time job. The buildbar comments (and bugzilla email about fixed bugs) have motivated me to take a risk on the daily builds.

This may all be a non-issue... the buildbar comments have warned me about the problems even if the icons hasn't. I guess what I really want is an indicator of when a version is pretty good from the perspective of a user. That sounds like what others have complained about. As builds have fewer problems, this will become less of an issue. (Then you might want to move on to rating builds or only talking about bugs fixed / features improved.)