Mozilla Status Update

Friday July 7th, 2000

The latest Status Update has arrived at, with several weeks of summaries for the Mail/News, XPToolkit, Architecture, XML and DOM, Necko/Imglib and Composer groups, as well as updates for OS/2, XPCOM, XML Extras, Tru64 and IA64, and LDAP.

#6 The dailies are for testers

by mozineAdmin

Friday July 7th, 2000 2:58 PM

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The downturned thumb means the build is not worth downloading, because you cannot perform even a reasonable amount of testing on the build. If we made the buildbar reflect positively only on builds that had no problems, what would be the point?

The daily builds are for people testing Mozilla. If you can accomplish testing on the application, it gets a thumbs-up. It might crash. It probably will crash. But if you can test it, and find problems that you can report, then it's worth getting.

That said, the rating is now entirely at the discretion of Alan in #mozillazine. He gets his information from the people testing the builds. If you are unhappy with a build, and are unable to do any reasonable testing on it, visit #mozillazine and tell Alan your problems. He will make the final call.

If you're looking for a browser to use for daily use, you shouldn't be looking to the buildbar for answers.