Mozilla Developer Meeting 2.0

Wednesday July 5th, 2000

Alphanumerica has announced the Second Mozilla Developer Meeting at the Netscape campus in Mountain View, CA, on August 18. It is timed to coincide with the LinuxWorld Conference going on from the 14 to the 17 in San Jose. Right now the page is rather bare, but expect more details to go up when they are known. The first meeting was a lot of fun, so we encourage anyone who's interested in developing for or with Mozilla, and meeting the people behind Mozilla, to attend!

#4 Technical Overviews.

by jelwell

Thursday July 6th, 2000 12:57 PM

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I was at the first Mozilla developers conference, and I must say that the conference was mostly an introduction to all the outside (and some inside) participants - and in some cases a job expo (I know at least a couple of people ended up landing jobs because of the meeting).

It would be cool if this year there were more learning experiences available. A few Technical courses about the new technologies in Mozilla: XPCOM, XUL, XPIDL come to mind. Joseph Elwell