Lots of OS/2 Mozilla News

Tuesday July 4th, 2000

Barry Marshall writes, "A couple of new OS/2 developments in n.p.m.o over the weekend.

"First, Henry Sobotka has done a major update of his Warpzilla homepage. You can see a good status update here.

"Lots of new eye candy can be found here.

"The OS/2 'Independence Day' M17 preview build is now ready to download. You can get it here.

"Finally, in a n.p.m.o posting on July 2, it looks like nightly builds for OS/2 should be available sometime next month."

#3 Re: OS/2 Avail

by dholmes

Monday July 10th, 2000 8:52 AM

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try <> I can't change the price but perhaps ebay can. There are usually copies there also.