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Saturday July 1st, 2000

Eliot e-t Landrum writes, "O'Reilly Network has several very interesting articles regarding Mozilla posted today. The first is regarding user customization using Style Sheets. Second is a wonderful article about the Mozilla Editor. And why not have some fun and build a game with Mozilla? Expand your brain this weekend!"

Thanks, Eliot!

#8 Re: Pac Man on Mozilla?

by Dan6992

Tuesday July 4th, 2000 2:50 PM

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DHTML retro games have been pretty popular since DHTML support was released in NN4.x in 1997. There is an entire site of retro DHTML games at <> . And I actually wrote a DHTML version of Frogger <> back in early 1998 when I was learning DHTML. I also wrote a DHTML version of DonkeyKong but I never finished it because it got to complex, and Netscape 4.04 started to choke on all the JS (I played with it this morning in 4.7 and it works much better). I was thinking about porting it to DOM/XML for Mozilla and changing the name to DOM-eKong, but I'm going to wait for a finished product so I only have to write it once and don't have to worry about changes to Mozilla messing me up.

As far as using Necko for multi player games that would be cool, but my knowledge of Necko is to limited for me to be any help. If you do figure it out though be sure to let us know.