New Mozilla Articles At The O'Reilly Network

Saturday July 1st, 2000

Eliot e-t Landrum writes, "O'Reilly Network has several very interesting articles regarding Mozilla posted today. The first is regarding user customization using Style Sheets. Second is a wonderful article about the Mozilla Editor. And why not have some fun and build a game with Mozilla? Expand your brain this weekend!"

Thanks, Eliot!

#4 Really cool, but...

by Millennium

Monday July 3rd, 2000 9:52 PM

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...for those of us who aren't XUL/CSS-literate yet, how do you do the transparency trick with only the menus? He showed us how to do it with the whole browser (or the whole UI but not the page), but not just the menus. That's what I want to try out (and I wouldn't think it'd be a bad stress-test for the transparency code either).