Weekend Discussion

Friday June 30th, 2000

The weekend discussion returns, with a simple question:

What's your impression of Mozilla's status at this point? Progressing nicely? Faltering? Are you using Mozilla? If not, what needs to be changed before you start using it full time? Try to be specific, and offer constructive criticism and advice. It would be nice if the Mozilla developers could gather some useful information from the discussion. If you haven't tried out a recent nightly build, take one for a spin before you comment.

#95 Before the final beta my advice is . . .

by IndpdntMind

Monday July 3rd, 2000 12:37 AM

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Before the final beta my advice is to: 1. Make the "classic skin" immitate the genuine classic skin of NS 4 almost completely. 2. Push to make the performance and stability as excellent as possible. 3. Kill all the bugs you can.

In my opinion this will probably make the transition from NS 4 to NS 6 much easier for the consumer and the web products the browser is used in will be that much more exceptional.

As a previous Netscape browser user I want a browser that looks like a Netscape product.