Weekend Discussion

Friday June 30th, 2000

The weekend discussion returns, with a simple question:

What's your impression of Mozilla's status at this point? Progressing nicely? Faltering? Are you using Mozilla? If not, what needs to be changed before you start using it full time? Try to be specific, and offer constructive criticism and advice. It would be nice if the Mozilla developers could gather some useful information from the discussion. If you haven't tried out a recent nightly build, take one for a spin before you comment.

#83 You missed my point

by jawbone <>

Sunday July 2nd, 2000 10:00 AM

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You missed my point completely. I'm not complaining about Netscape the corporation making a golly-gee-whiz browser. That's their option. But that crap shouldn't be in the Mozilla tree if it's bad for Mozilla, and at this point, I say it is. Running Mozilla on my computer, it consumes about 40M of RAM immediately, and can grow twice as large in minutes. I'm not complaining about it not being feature-complete, I'm complaining about it being given those features before it's ready.

It seems to me that a reasonable approach would have been to aim for a reasonable subset of functionality, say equivalent to NS 3. Once there, squish all the bugs and memory leaks, and *then* start adding more features.

I don't mind Netscape making profits. I *do* mind when that affects Mozilla detrimentally, as it seems to be in this case (IMO, anyway). I don't care about Netscape's browser, and I'll never use it. I *do* care about Mozilla's browser, and I think it's time the leadership started putting's priorities ahead of Netscape's feature needs.