Weekend Discussion

Friday June 30th, 2000

The weekend discussion returns, with a simple question:

What's your impression of Mozilla's status at this point? Progressing nicely? Faltering? Are you using Mozilla? If not, what needs to be changed before you start using it full time? Try to be specific, and offer constructive criticism and advice. It would be nice if the Mozilla developers could gather some useful information from the discussion. If you haven't tried out a recent nightly build, take one for a spin before you comment.

#42 Great Backend; POOR UI

by xkalibur

Friday June 30th, 2000 9:22 PM

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I consider Mozilla to still be in that "we're working on the backend so the UI still sucks" stage, even though I admit I don't keep up development-wise so I'm probably wrong. But it just seems that way. Web pages load great and fast now, and scrolling seems to be fine. What keeps me from using it full-time? The USER INTERFACE. I'm still convinced that XUL or whatever is a good thing, but damn there has to be someway to speed stuff up, or else I don't ever see Mozilla being totally accepted. A few days ago I tried for the first time to use email with Mozilla, and was heart-broken at how long stuff takes to show up. And we all know how slow the preferences panel is. Bottom line to me: better, FASTER UI, now. Someone wake up and realize the Aphrodite package is such a better chrome and should be rolled in (besides the fact that they can't seem to integrate back/forward history... ugh).