Weekend Discussion

Friday June 30th, 2000

The weekend discussion returns, with a simple question:

What's your impression of Mozilla's status at this point? Progressing nicely? Faltering? Are you using Mozilla? If not, what needs to be changed before you start using it full time? Try to be specific, and offer constructive criticism and advice. It would be nice if the Mozilla developers could gather some useful information from the discussion. If you haven't tried out a recent nightly build, take one for a spin before you comment.

#15 Standards support rocks.

by andrewmeier

Friday June 30th, 2000 10:49 AM

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I'm clad to see my pages render the way says they should render when using Mozilla.

I use Mozilla on and off depending on how annoying any particular day's build is.

Some issues I really would love to have resolved:

SEGFAULT on large PNG files...sux

UI slow and buggy. My custom CSS for mozilla make the UI fly and behave properly. The default CSS for the interface needs a ton of cleanup.

The back button goes to the previous URL rather than the previous browser state. That is not a problem for HTML but using Mozilla on CGI's sux when you want to hit the back button to go to the previous state of the CGI.

Reload page does not reload images. Reloading the URL of an image does not reload the image. Clearing the cache and reloading the image will not reload the image. For site developers it would be nice to have mozilla reload images so we can see the changes made.

Documentation. I tried to add the drop shadow effect for CSS and couldn't decipher where to make the changes in the code. Is there a flow chart or outline of how Mozilla works and what each source file does??

Mozilla is going to rock the web. Let's get this baby to 1.0!