Weekend Discussion

Friday June 30th, 2000

The weekend discussion returns, with a simple question:

What's your impression of Mozilla's status at this point? Progressing nicely? Faltering? Are you using Mozilla? If not, what needs to be changed before you start using it full time? Try to be specific, and offer constructive criticism and advice. It would be nice if the Mozilla developers could gather some useful information from the discussion. If you haven't tried out a recent nightly build, take one for a spin before you comment.

#100 Not bad, but...

by leafdigital

Monday July 3rd, 2000 8:04 AM

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Ignoring the bugs (I'm using nightly builds), I think the browser is pretty hot now. I did just see it running on Linux though - damn it's slow. On Win32, it seems fine.

The "turn off ads" facility (right-click and "block this image") is awesome. With that feature they might even pick up users from IE. The cookie manager in general is a good feature. Nothing else is really impressive enough to pull IE users, so I hope those features are promoted.

However, almost everything is working now - it just needs to be reliable (by which I mean, as well as bugs being fixed, that menu items shouldn't shift size when you mouseover them; nor should miscellaneous links on some pages; drag-and-drop of links should work every time, instead of some of the time) and integrated (by which I mean, proper Java and PSM out of the box, also the other standard plug-ins).

Finally, the "classic" skin needs to be finished (location box doesn't seem to be done yet, a few other things seem somewhat ropey) and made default. Or another skin needs to be designed, perhaps somewhere between the two - less clunky than those 4.x-style buttons, default status bar, etc etc, but less adventurous than purple circles. I.e., I know this sucks, but it has to be grey. :) Aphrodite is a good model.

Those are the things that need doing before it could be released to users. However, some things need doing from a web developer point of view. In particular, PNG (gamma support works - cool, no more Mac/PC colour differences! - but transparency STILL doesn't). SVG would also be *really* nice since Adobe's plugin is a bit of a dog, but if native support can't be done, I hope a working version of the dog plugin can also be integrated..

As for XSLT.... ugh. Mozilla supports XML+CSS, which is by far the better route for XML presentation. Leave transformations to the back-end.