Mozilla First Release? "Mozilla 1.0"

Thursday June 29th, 2000

There has been some question as to what the first release of Mozilla will be called. But now, in a post to the n.p.m.seamonkey newsgroup, Mitchell Baker states that the name of Mozilla's first release will officially be "Mozilla 1.0". They decided to use the "1.0" appellation because, "this is the first release developed through the open source process, and much of the code and the architecture is new". The user-agent will still begin with the "Mozilla/5.0" substring.

#10 Re: user-agent

by johnlar <>

Thursday June 29th, 2000 11:38 AM

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You also have to consider the fact that netscape 4.0 had the user agent mozilla/4.0 and netscape 3.0 had the agent mozilla/3.0. I don't know for certain but I would bet that netscape 1.0 had the user agent mozilla/1.0 so most webservers see mozilla/1.0 and think that to mean netscape 1.0. Now we don't want them serving the new mozilla 1.0 with netscape 1.0 compatible pages do we?

Though personally I think while naming the first mozilla as mozilla 1.0 seems logical. There chance is definatly there for confusion with Netscape 1.0. Seems logical to keep the user agent and the version number the same, or your just asking for trouble.