BugDay Today

Tuesday June 27th, 2000

Asa Dotzler writes, "It's BugDay again! This week we'll be focused on cleaning up Bugzilla. We've got thousands of bugs that need Verification across a wide variety of platforms and the Unconfirmed waters are rising too. So if you're testing current Mozilla builds on an exotic platform/OS, we especially need your help (there are a few thousand mac, linux and win32 bugs that need help too). Hope to see you all there. BugDay can be found on IRC server channel #mozillazine every Tuesday afternoon into evening (USA time)."

#2 Thanks to everyone that turned out

by asa <>

Tuesday June 27th, 2000 9:33 PM

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Thanks to all of you that participated in another productive BugDay, especially all the first time participants! Looking forward to next week....

Asa (remember when posts with mozilla were a rare thing)