BugDay Today

Tuesday June 27th, 2000

Asa Dotzler writes, "It's BugDay again! This week we'll be focused on cleaning up Bugzilla. We've got thousands of bugs that need Verification across a wide variety of platforms and the Unconfirmed waters are rising too. So if you're testing current Mozilla builds on an exotic platform/OS, we especially need your help (there are a few thousand mac, linux and win32 bugs that need help too). Hope to see you all there. BugDay can be found on IRC server channel #mozillazine every Tuesday afternoon into evening (USA time)."

#12 Re: Mozilla 1.0

by thales

Thursday June 29th, 2000 11:08 PM

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Unfortunally my work scedule has prevented me from joining bug day. I would like to suggest something you could attack on the next bug day though. There are a lot of bugs that have fixes attached to them that haven't been checked in. I can think of two. One is a bug I submitted over a month ago. bug 39984. shortly after I submitted it a fix was attached. This bug has had 2 dupes submitted so far. It's still new. Another is one I suggested an improvement to the patch, and the submitter agreed and added a patch with my sugestion. bug 39231. It's also still new. Both of these have are very low risk fixes and could be resolved and verified fixed quickly. I'm sure there are a lot more bugs like these. IDing them and getting them checked in would not only cut down on the nunber of open bugs, but it would also prevent having to deal with any more dupes of them. I'm not blaming the person these bugs are assigned to. One of them is minor, the other trival. I'm sure he has more pressing bugs to worry about. Which brings up another benifit to my sugestion, Even though I'm talking about easy fixes they still require some time to review and check in so taking care of them for the owners will free up time for the bugs that need real work.

John Dobbins