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Wednesday October 14th, 1998

Sorry, but they aren't here yet. Actually that's the purpose of this post... what feature is mozillaZine lacking that you'd like to see? From interactive additions like glossaries and chat forums to promotions like T-shirts and mugs, I'm interested in any new additions that you think would help make the site one that you'd revisit more often and recommend to your friends. I've included an idea for an "interactive glossary" in the attached article to get you started. Click "Full Article" below. Or, just respond with your ideas in the talkback section. Remember, this site is run by a rather small group, so keep the suggestions within the realm of reason!

#8 Re:New MozillaZine Features

by George Giannukos <>

Saturday October 17th, 1998 11:23 AM

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a wish list could be cool


you could use his wish list to get started or you could have a section whare people could submit their crome styles? Or could you write more editorials?? Also keep up those interviews those are cool, too.

that's my 2 cents..