OS/2 Tinderbox Now Online

Monday June 26th, 2000

Barry Marshall writes, "IBM has donated an OS/2 tinderbox and it's up and running now. You can see the current state by [clicking here].

"For more info on the current set of "green stoppers", check n.p.m.os2 for a note from Mike Kaply."

#1 Go Big Blue GO

by blahism

Monday June 26th, 2000 8:40 AM

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Well about time :)

I ran OS/2 for years. Nice to see that IBM is helping with the Mozilla port. After all, there E-Business plans for OS/2 and everything else they sell are on the line, so why not support the standard web browser.

Go big blue go. I would love to get back into OS/2 as soon as the Scitech Display drivers are complete, mozilla is stable and JDK 1.2 is out. (Need JDK for Oracle Apps, need scitech for my voodoo 3500 and need mozilla for web browsing.. the 4.x browser is deadly to anyones health under os/2)