Classic Skin Now In Nightly Builds

Thursday June 22nd, 2000

Now that skin-switching is a reality in Mozilla, the developers have been working on a "Classic" skin for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The "Classic skin" aims to not only provide a more "Communicator"-like UI alternative for Mozilla, but also give users more platform-specific UI widgets.

If you run Windows, you can try out the "Classic" skin in the current nightly builds. Start up Mozilla, go to the prefs dialog via Edit > Preferences, visit the Appearance > Themes pref panel, choose "Classic" from the list of available skins, and click the "Apply Theme" button. After a moment of whirring, Mozilla wil be skinned with the "Classic" theme. There's still a lot of work to be done on the skin, but it's worth checking out.

Thanks to Colin Stewart, Yoshi, and Christopher Cook for this news.

#31 Re: Re: system colors?

by basic <>

Friday June 23rd, 2000 11:37 AM

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After some testing, I found that it uses system colors on win32.

It should be able to use system colors on the mac (does system colors work on the mac yet?).

On unix, I think it should at least try to use gtk, since it uses gtk as its toolkit on unix (currently). In the future, when moz become more toolkit independent, mozilla should detect which toolkit is available and use the system colors accordingly. Or if there is more than one toolkit available, the user maybe given a choice.