BugDay Tomorrow

Monday June 19th, 2000

Asa Dotzler writes, "It's BugDay again! 'What is Bugday,' you ask. BugDay is a collaborative bug hunting, reporting and triaging effort that happens every Tuesday evening on #mozillazine on IRC. This Tuesday we're going to spend BugDay on a couple of different tracks. We've got a lot of new people playing with Mozilla since the release of M16 and that means (we hope) a lot of new contributers to the Community Quality and Testing effort. The first track will be a 'getting acquainted with Bugzilla / Reporting your first bug' workshop for those new to Mozilla. The second track will be a 'Confirm and Verify / keeping the Bugzilla database clean' effort for the regular crew. If you found something in M16 that didn't seem right or you'd like to help us get the flood of new bug reports all sorted out and assigned to the proper developers then stop in to #mozillazine this Tuesday evening (mid day to mid night USA time) and help us make Mozilla better."

#14 I disagree

by Blake <>

Thursday June 22nd, 2000 1:23 AM

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I disagree that the article was fairly reasoned. Why was the reviewer using a build from over two months ago?He apparently knew about the existence of milestones, and how to obtain them, since he mentioned M16 at one point...he even said that M16 showed an increase in why the heck wasn't he reviewing with that? I guess the argument is that M16 is a Mozilla build, not a Netscape build, and thus you can't review it as being NS 6 (doesn't have the promotional stuff, AIM, etc.) ... still, in that case, I believe the correct thing to do (from a journalistic standpoint) is to wait for PR2 and make judgments based on that. And he could have used M16 to evaluate the parsing and rendering capabilities, since those won't differ depending on comm. or non-comm. builds. This man obviously did not do his research: "There are very few differences between Netscape 6 and Mozilla's Gecko M16, with the obvious exception that Gecko works at about twice the speed." What is he basing this on? Does he give any support to this claim?

This reporter clearly wanted the more sensational angle...namely, to proclaim this as the downfall of Netscape. He also apparently took this opportunity to show off some 'witty' analogies (which got old quite fast). If he didn't know that little about software development and how much an open-source application can change over the course of a "few months," I question his position as managing editor of the Web Developer's Journal.

Here is a man who says he's been a fan of Netscape since day one, and has used NS 1 and every subsequent version. I don't believe this is the case...a true 'fan' would know a bit more about NS6 and Mozilla than this reviewer apparently does, and a true fan would not be so willing to drop a 5-year+ devotion to a company at the sight of a couple bugs. He says preview releases are allowed to have bugs, but not as many as PR1 many alpha releases has this man reviewed in his life to be able to make a comparison?

My thoughts.