Mozilla Chosen As Browser for Indrema Video Game Console

Monday June 19th, 2000

Exotrip writes,

"Hey all,

"Indrema is going to use Mozilla as it's browser for the L600! In case you don't know, Indrema is a company that was founded in January 2000. They are creating a video game console called the L600 which uses Linux as it's OS. Here is a quote from the article at ZDNet's Gamespot:

"'The system is both scaleable and open, and runs on the Linux operation environment. Indrema promises that this new device will offer a Gecko web browser...'

"I told you all that Mozilla should be ported to game consoles!"

#3 Re: game consoles

by danielhill <>

Tuesday June 20th, 2000 6:31 AM

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No. Playstation 2 is horrible. Dreamcast, X-Box and Dolphin will wipe the floor with that overpriced, buggy, overhyped piece of junk.