"M16++" Build for OS/2

Monday June 19th, 2000

Barry Marshall writes:

Hot off the wire from OS/2 land.... A M16++ (M17 Preview ;-) ) build is now available for OS/2. From Henry Sobotka:

"M16++ binaries are now available in (~12MB). The M16 branch was cut on June 2nd, and the cutting only announced about a week later, so rather than regress I updated my tree on June 14th, got a good build and decided it was worth releasing. As the M17 cutoff is scheduled for tomorrow (June 20th), you could look at it as an M17 preview.

"Compared to M15, this mozilla is fast and fun to use (crashes and all). You might want to have a look at the ReadMe before downloading."

#1 confused.

by johnlar

Monday June 19th, 2000 4:00 PM

Why is the M17 cutoff tommorrow. M17 tree just started last Wednesday. Where did you get this cutoff date from?

#2 Re: confused.

by basic

Monday June 19th, 2000 6:41 PM

From this just updated but soon outdated page I guess...

#3 I like it

by rkneebon

Saturday June 24th, 2000 6:01 AM

It renders The Register much more accurately than Netscape 4.61 on OS/2.

How long before the mail bugs are fixed and a new build posted?

(And how long till we can post to this forum with it?)