Thursday June 15th, 2000

Doug Turner writes, "I am on my paternity leave and I get this idea. I want a way that I can set my son down in front of Mozilla (when he is old enough), and make sure that he can not go to any site that I think are not for him.

"I know that there are a bunch of programs that do this like 'cyber-babysitter' or whatever, but they have two problems: (a) they are doing the rating instead of me, and (b) domains pop up faster than these pieces of software can keep up with.

"So the idea is to have a button on Mozilla that will lock the navigator to a paticular domain/website. I have a proof of concept working now. It is missing a few things but it is a start. Check it out... (requires Mozilla)"

#2 Actually...

by orev

Sunday June 18th, 2000 1:59 AM

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Your arrogance is pretty amazing. " will see that I am right".

If you actually read the whole post up there, you'll see that's *exactly* what he's doing. And ever further, if you tried it, you'd that's what it's written to do. It's pretty cool.

So quick to judge, so slow to think, evaluate.