Thursday June 15th, 2000

Doug Turner writes, "I am on my paternity leave and I get this idea. I want a way that I can set my son down in front of Mozilla (when he is old enough), and make sure that he can not go to any site that I think are not for him.

"I know that there are a bunch of programs that do this like 'cyber-babysitter' or whatever, but they have two problems: (a) they are doing the rating instead of me, and (b) domains pop up faster than these pieces of software can keep up with.

"So the idea is to have a button on Mozilla that will lock the navigator to a paticular domain/website. I have a proof of concept working now. It is missing a few things but it is a start. Check it out... (requires Mozilla)"

#11 great idea for some situations

by asa <>

Sunday June 18th, 2000 1:25 PM

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I can see some situations where this would work really well. Suppose your 10 year old kid is doing a paper on dinosaurs for her 4th ot 5th grade class and you'd like to let her research the subject some without sitting over her shoulder. Maybe you've got to help your other kid with his piano lessons or something. So you sit down at the compter, log onto the domain and click a button that locks the browser into that domain. This seems like a great solution to one of the problems of internet supervision. Sure, it's not _the_ answer, but is is _an_ answer and it seems pretty reasonable to me.