Mozilla Milestone 16 Released!

Wednesday June 14th, 2000

Come and get it! Visit the ftp site to get versions for Linux, Mac and Windows!

Read the Release Notes for more info.

Also, pick up the latest version of PSM (Personal Security Manager) for M16 at the iPlanet website. PSM gives M16 support for secure websites.


by shk41

Thursday June 22nd, 2000 11:58 PM

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For anyone interested in making Moz quicker, and who has winNT or UNIX, you can go to


This is a page on Steve Heller's site. He writes books on programming, some geared towards novices (a he seems to be really popular). I saw this page on his site. It says he used this profiler called Rational Quantify on his company's character recognition software and increased performance by 300%, in about 6 hours! Well, anyway, the program cost upwards of $700 but you can get it free for 14 days if you have WinNt or UNIX. I thought maybe this could help with the optimization of Mozilla, which, in my opinion and on my machine (32Mb RAM) is desperately in need of, if it is going to be accepted by public. Yeah, yeah, I know...Optimization doesn't begin till M18 or 19 or so, but if anyone has WinNt or UNIX (I don't) they can probably do SOMEthing! Share results if you get any!

PS: This may only be useful for very good C++ programmers, but I don't know, as I can't try it.

PPS: It is a very large download. ~100 Mb I think, if that is an issue for you (is for me).

Yours truly, Sam Kelly