Mozilla Milestone 16 Released!

Wednesday June 14th, 2000

Come and get it! Visit the ftp site to get versions for Linux, Mac and Windows!

Read the Release Notes for more info.

Also, pick up the latest version of PSM (Personal Security Manager) for M16 at the iPlanet website. PSM gives M16 support for secure websites.

#71 Who knows???

by damian <>

Sunday June 18th, 2000 12:18 PM

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On my more pessimistic days I say never. There is a special patch to JRE 1.3 that you can download with the Netscape preview release, ONLY FOR WINDOZE. <> Who knows if it works with M16. No signs of anyone even attempting to get it working on other platforms. Ok, I know all the Mozilla developers are working very hard. I wish there was more I could do to help. I just wish there was more information about the progress that the OJI team has made, there has been no report form them in over 6 months. I would like to see even preliminary java support on Linux so I could begin testing it and send in bug reports. Ok, i'm done ranting now.