Mozilla Milestone 16 Released!

Wednesday June 14th, 2000

Come and get it! Visit the ftp site to get versions for Linux, Mac and Windows!

Read the Release Notes for more info.

Also, pick up the latest version of PSM (Personal Security Manager) for M16 at the iPlanet website. PSM gives M16 support for secure websites.

#32 Unacceptable

by bink

Thursday June 15th, 2000 3:19 PM

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Unfortunately, switching from alt-arrow to alt-bracket is a headache, because it's been the standard on both browsers since 2 or 3.0, any shortcut buttons on a keyboard or on a touchpad will be rendered useless. As an example, my touchpad has a feature where if I drag my finger to the left at the very top, it'll go back a page, if I drag it right, it'll go forward. It's very convenient. There's also plenty of "internet keyboards" and such that have back and forward buttons on them. Yes, it's only a convenience, but I see no real reason to make this change, and if it keeps even one person (me) from using the browser, why bother?

As an aside, alt+[ doesn't work to make the browser go back, though alt+h finally allows me to go home. This is on the Win32 platform, other platforms may vary.