Netscape Selling Shares of RedHat?

Monday June 12th, 2000

Netscape selling 500,000 shares of RedHat? What does it all mean?

Yes, I know I got it wrong...

#7 If you read it again...

by jesusX <>

Tuesday June 13th, 2000 6:20 PM

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You'll see that they only made an SEC filing that would give them permission to sell. It's a warning that a large block of stock MAY come on to the market. If they actually sell it, there'll be another filing. So far, they haven't sold a thing. It could be anything from wanting to have more liquidity for a loan requirement (no one pays for anything with their own money), to a possible distribution scheme to employees, to outright selling. We don't know, and I'm sure Redhat barely took an interest. They may already have known.