Mozilla and "XML Applications" Talk at XML Europe 2000

Monday June 12th, 2000

Brian King writes, "I'll be giving a talk at XML Europe 2000 next week, and it will draw heavily on the XML technologies in Mozilla. The official title is: 'Fabula: bi-lingual, multi-media, children's storybook software based on XML and Mozilla'

The Conference runs from Tuesday to Friday (13th - 16th), and I will be talking during the technical track on Friday morning. The talk will give an introduction to the project, a quick demo of the software, and thereafter a look under the lid at some of the technical details. I will conclude by pushing the idea of Mozilla as an excellent platform for creating (XML) applications.

More information about the conference can be found here and at"

We first brought Fabula to your attention in a news item back in April.

#1 Does anybody know what this might about?

by basic

Monday June 12th, 2000 5:33 PM

<quote> AOL's Netscape Files To Sell 500,000 Shares Of Red Hat (RHAT) </quote>

#2 Fabula (mwa ha ha ha!)

by Kovu

Monday June 12th, 2000 6:48 PM

Fabula sounds like a vampire. "Fabula, the reluctant vampire who plays with children until they're gleeful before draining them of their lifeblood." Like a Tales from the Crypt or something.