Mozilla Status Updates

Saturday June 10th, 2000

The Mozilla status update page, now maintained by Chris Blizzard, is a great resource to catch up on the state of Mozilla development. Old updates are archived, so you can see Mozilla's progress over time. The updates occur every two weeks, and this week Chris has updates from the XPToolkit, Mail/News, "Gecko XML+DOM", Composer, "Necko/Imglib", and OS/2 development groups, as well as status updates on the Mozilla Architecture meetings.

#8 Dynamic updates on website

by badben

Monday June 12th, 2000 12:39 PM

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We could use a newgroup as proposed in the other subthread (which is a good idea IMO) and then use a NNTP->WWW gateway to still display the status on the website (so visitors find it and see we're actually working :) ).