A Look At XMLTerm and the "Semantic UI"

Wednesday June 7th, 2000

R. Saravanan writes, "Just thought the mozillaZine community might be interested in commenting on my feature-length article on creating "semantic user interfaces" using Mozilla, with XMLterm as an example. It just appeared on"

If you haven't seen the coolness that is XMLTerm, I suggest clicking on the link above immediately. XMLTerm combines the utility of a Command Line Interface with the XML and rendering capabilities of Mozilla,to create a CLI/GUI hybrid. The interface itself is a dynamic XML document!

Also included in the article is a simple XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Call) application that queries a remote server to find out its supported methods and their descriptions.

#8 Re: Stuff that will be missed from NS4.x

by gerbilpower <>

Saturday June 10th, 2000 11:36 AM

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The non-standard LAYER tag is replaced by the standard DIV tag.

Roaming access seems unimplimented so far, based on a few Bugzilla reports I found.