A Look At XMLTerm and the "Semantic UI"

Wednesday June 7th, 2000

R. Saravanan writes, "Just thought the mozillaZine community might be interested in commenting on my feature-length article on creating "semantic user interfaces" using Mozilla, with XMLterm as an example. It just appeared on"

If you haven't seen the coolness that is XMLTerm, I suggest clicking on the link above immediately. XMLTerm combines the utility of a Command Line Interface with the XML and rendering capabilities of Mozilla,to create a CLI/GUI hybrid. The interface itself is a dynamic XML document!

Also included in the article is a simple XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Call) application that queries a remote server to find out its supported methods and their descriptions.

#1 Offtopic

by nico

Thursday June 8th, 2000 10:34 AM

Where can I find this mozilla2.gif I really like it but can't find it anywhere.

#3 Me too!

by luge

Thursday June 8th, 2000 3:42 PM

That's a really cool one... much more reminiscent of the work of shepard fairey than the normal mozilla stuff. If anyone knows where that came from, please post...

#4 Get it right here

by gerbilpower

Thursday June 8th, 2000 4:20 PM

It's been used in the Party flyer, it's nothing new.


#2 XMLTerm is cool...

by Waldo

Thursday June 8th, 2000 1:55 PM

I've only seen screenshots (it doesn't run on the Mac version that I know of) but it's pretty awesome.


#5 Re: XMLTerm is cool...

by gwalla

Thursday June 8th, 2000 4:39 PM

It doesn't run on the Mac version because it is just an interface to an underlying UN*X shell. Personally, I hope it gets decoupled from the actual shell (in which case it could even be used for DOS) and gets telnet capability. Now *that* would be sweet!

#6 Ahhh..

by Waldo

Friday June 9th, 2000 12:29 AM

I thought it was acting as a "super-telnet" :) Of course, ssh is better than telnet. I look forward to the day when telnet is as rare as finger ;)


#7 Stuff that will be missed from NS4.x

by basic

Saturday June 10th, 2000 2:09 AM

Does anyone have a list of stuff that is currently missing from Mozilla that was in NS4.xx ? I mean stuff like LDAP, layer tag, roaming... etc.

Just wondering if such a list will give us an idea of how many features are missing from Mozilla that people might come to expect, and maybe suggestions on how these "missing" features can be replaced, added or worked around.

Oh! One more thing, a list of new features and what they do would be nice too. I know there have been many of such lists, but maybe a list that shows the new features in relation to the "missing" ones would be nice.

#8 Re: Stuff that will be missed from NS4.x

by gerbilpower

Saturday June 10th, 2000 11:36 AM

The non-standard LAYER tag is replaced by the standard DIV tag.

Roaming access seems unimplimented so far, based on a few Bugzilla reports I found.