Skinning Mozilla Tutorial Part 3 Now Online

Wednesday June 7th, 2000

Part 3 of our tutorial on skinning Mozilla is now online at the ChromeZone. In it we start the process of skinning Mozilla's navbar. If you haven't already, please check out the first two installments of the series. In part one we introduce you to the Mozilla "chrome" directory structure, and some of the key files involved in creating a skin. In part 2 we start the process of skinning Mozilla by changing the style of the menubar. Together they will give you a good introduction to the process of creating a Mozilla skin, and prepare you for the work done in part 3.

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by basic <>

Wednesday June 7th, 2000 8:31 PM

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the part where it says

> > Oooh! MNG in Mozilla? That would be awesome. Are there any

> > ETA's? Even extremely rough estimates?

> The code in my development tree started displaying animations yesterday. It still needs some polishing before running it past a couple people for reviews and then checking in. Once in, it will probably just be an compile time option on unix (--enable-mng) until it gets more testing and some build help from win32 and macos people.