Positive Review of Netscape 6's Standards Support at ITWorld

Sunday June 4th, 2000

Kevin Davis (k3davis) sent in a link to a very positive look at Netscape 6's standards support at ITWorld. Included is a glossary describing many of the standards as well as some of Mozilla's own technologies.

#8 Re: Re: I want to love Mozilla

by hubick <>

Tuesday June 6th, 2000 8:47 AM

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I know, but in light of the "overly positive" article, I am mostly trying to play devils advocate here. I guess I am just more frustrated about the fact that bugs like 39330 <> and 34520 <> don't receive more attention. To me these bugs seem the same as if HTML support was broken for everyone and the developers just left it for months and months knocking it out from one milestone to the next. If the whole world upgraded their web pages to comply validate and comply with the latest web standards, Mozilla wouldn't display any of them...yet people still walk around touting how standards compliant it is in articles such as the above?

What do I want? I want to see the QA team mark both those bugs as nsbeta2 or PDT+, or whatever will imply that they deserve more attention than the little they get now.