Positive Review of Netscape 6's Standards Support at ITWorld

Sunday June 4th, 2000

Kevin Davis (k3davis) sent in a link to a very positive look at Netscape 6's standards support at ITWorld. Included is a glossary describing many of the standards as well as some of Mozilla's own technologies.

#7 Re: I want to love Mozilla

by kye

Tuesday June 6th, 2000 6:45 AM

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I aggree with you in terms of web standards, and so on. But you have to remember that Mozilla is still under development. New fetures get added, they occasionally break existing ones, which then get fixed. Once feature completeness hits, alot more time is going to be spent fixing and speeding up. It's important to remember it's not a finished product, and is not meant to be yet. It will be, sure, but it's not yet.