Alphanumerica's Total Recall Crash Recovery

Friday June 2nd, 2000

Alphanumerica has put up version .01 of their Mozilla crash recovery tool, Total Recall. If Mozilla crashes, Total Recall will remember all the pages you had open at the time of the crash, and the contents of any form fields on those pages. The next time you start Mozilla, the pages will be listed under the "Crash" menuitem.

Total Recall is at version .01, and works well in Unix, buggy in Windows, and not at all on Mac. The next version will work on all platforms and be bundled with the next revision of the Aphrodite package.

I think this really shows how extensible Mozilla is, and how Mozilla's architecture allows gives developers an opportunity to contribute useful features to the community. That will be the real benefit of the work that the Mozilla developers have been doing. Skins are great, and they will be very popular, but extensions and utilities will prove the worth of Mozilla's open architecture.

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by basic <>

Saturday June 3rd, 2000 10:51 PM

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Hmmm... maybe it can be turned off automatically for some forms and also a way to manually turn it off and on for the current site. Maybe even a list of sites to have it turned on or off. Maybe there could be an option to not load whatever was saved or the location of the file where the info was stored could be known so that the person could delete it or something.