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Tuesday May 30th, 2000

Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler, has posted an update on what's plans are for M16 and M17. Basically, M16/17 are stabilization and feature cleanup milestones, and there will be a large focus on optimizing and debugging Mozilla, so that both Netscape and other groups can get a good usable base to build off of. To read the whole post, simply click the Full Article link below.

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by mitchell <>

Wednesday May 31st, 2000 12:27 PM

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Yes, you're absolutely right these pages should be updated. The contributor who was doing this stopped a while ago, and we haven't found a replacement yet. I'm thinking maybe staff should do this; I just need to figure out what we shouldn't do instead:-) Or find another contributor who's close enough to the project to be able to keep these pages updated. Anyone got an idea?