More on AOL's Web Appliance Initiative

Tuesday May 30th, 2000

In addition to using Linux and Gecko as the OS and rendering engine behind their new "Web Appliances", AOL is also teaming up with Transmeta (!!!) and Gateway, according to this article at the NYTimes (free subscription required). I had heard that AOL and Gateway were working together, but I had no idea that they were completely bypassing Wintel!

#2 I knew :)

by Kovu <>

Tuesday May 30th, 2000 9:17 AM

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I knew because what Gateway was doing with the Amiga name became what Gateway was doing with AOL, so really I knew just by default from my obsession with Amiga. And once you read the stuff on Transmeta, you'd be soon to realize that any company would be a moron to use anything BUT Transmeta for appliances. Intel chips are just useless monsters for appliances of that size, ditto that AMD.