AOL 6.0 and Mozilla

Tuesday May 30th, 2000

We have two news items regarding AOL's latest software development efforts. The first, from, is a look at an unofficial, accidentally-released version of AOL's 6.0 software. What's interesting is not the new look of the AOL software, but rather a post in that article's forum. In it, the poster ("BUBKAII") claims that Gecko is the rendering engine behind the application itself, even though IE5 is still the browser inside the application! No kidding. Anyone else want to try downloading and testing this?

Next, Jedbro writes: "AOL has started on a new project called 'Gamera' that will put AOL on Linux and such 'Internet appliances' granting it the AOL Everywhere ability they are after. Interesting stuff, and most importantly... GECKO's the browser behind all this!! =) =)" You can read more at the Kenton Industries website.

#10 Re: Gee, I'm stunned...

by danielhill <>

Tuesday May 30th, 2000 10:54 PM

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I've got a better idea. Rather than bend Gecko to AOL's "standards", why not change AOL's content to HTML or XUL??

It would reduce the size of the renderer, as no translation code would be needed to convert AOL's stupid propietary format to something Gecko can read. And size is important for embedded devices.