ZDNet on Mozilla

Tuesday May 30th, 2000

Jedbro writes, "A very interesting and humorous article on Netscape and Mozilla!!! 'The Future Belongs to Dinosaurs'"

#1 Ignorance in the general populace?

by Ryouga

Tuesday May 30th, 2000 10:20 AM

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While the article was an interesting read, I found it disturbing that the majority of the first 10 Talkback links (i.e. generally the most clicked upon by people reading the article) were anti-Mozilla/Netscape.

There was one person who equated PR1s early code crashiness under Windows with the poor code used in Communicator ("they both crash often with multiple windows open" so they both suck).

Another was complaining about the speed of PR1 and the "ugly" skin. While these are valid concerns, they are concerns that will be dealt with prior to a N 6 Release. Actually, I must amend that to say that I *hope* that Netscape makes a Communicator skin the default for Netscape 6 because it seems to me (I could obviously be wrong on this) that the general populace would be more comfortable with a lack of change on this front.