The Amoeba RPG Engine

Tuesday May 30th, 2000

Andrew Wooldridge writes, "If you enjoy old-fashioned computer RPG's like I do, you might be interested in the Amoeba RPG engine. It's going to be based on xul,js, and a new game language called xml-rpg."

#1 First post!

by gwalla

Tuesday May 30th, 2000 11:18 AM

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

Anyway, the project page says this is going to be similar to "Final Fantasy". How cool is that!

Not too much there yet, though. Here's hoping updates to the project show up on MozillaZine.

#2 Re: First post!

by triptych

Tuesday May 30th, 2000 6:44 PM

Yep, I've been bitten by the RPG bug. I fully intend to get this up and running as a really awesome game engine.... I'm suprised no-one else has thought of this already...

- Andrew

#5 We thought of it...

by Tanyel

Wednesday May 31st, 2000 10:12 PM

It's been done. We made them for my brother's children. We based all of our "Web-based" games on Netscape 4.0 and Internet Explorer though. It would be interesting to try the same thing with Mozilla. Maybe, with that Javascript I/O thing, it would not be necessary to save all of the data in cookies.

#7 Re: We thought of it...

by basic

Friday June 2nd, 2000 1:08 PM

Maybe now you can make them XUL/XBL based.

#3 where can i get source ?

by ryuzi

Wednesday May 31st, 2000 11:45 AM

it is interesting idea. it might use for web page navigation or chat.

i want see the source of this screenshot

where can i get ?

#4 Re: where can i get source ?

by gwalla

Wednesday May 31st, 2000 9:03 PM

Awwwww!! That's too cute! But why is it listed as a "bunny"? Sure looks like a puppy to me...

#6 Doglike Bunnies

by Tanyel

Wednesday May 31st, 2000 10:14 PM

Maybe they should add whiskers...

#8 Re: Doglike Bunnies

by gwalla

Saturday June 3rd, 2000 5:34 PM

Then it'd look lke a cat. No, the problem isn't the lack of whiskers. It's the small, triangular ears. Bunnies need long ears!