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Friday May 26th, 2000

Today we have an article by Mike Angelo on Mozilla's Chatzilla IRC client. You might recognize Mike's name from his skinning tutorials on Mike has put together a general introduction to Chatzilla and how to get started using it. Click "Full Article" below to start.

#18 Re: Welll... I dunno

by uksi

Tuesday May 30th, 2000 4:20 PM

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I have to agree... ChatZilla is currently hardly usable. The whole "attach to network" thing is confusing, as I don't know what server it tries to connect to and it doesn't seem to retry properly. For example, my "main" IRC network, DALnet, is full of international servers. I, however, wouldn't want to connect to a server somewhere in Hongkong, just because of the lag that this would cause. I like how mIRC lets me to choose either an individual server or things like "Random US DALnet server" or "Random EU DALnet server." If the whole /attach to net thing is supposed to make the process of getting on an IRC network simple, and get "plain users" on IRC easier, why isn't there a graphical UI for this? Why not, before making a connection, have a dialog box, sort of like mIRC's, that lets the user select an IRC network or a specific server or geographical group of servers within a network and then connect?

I would also like the ability of having an SDI-style interface (heck, even MDI-style is fine), where every channel and query window are in a separate desktop windows, so that I could arrange them and have two or more chats side by side.

These are basic usability things that are missing from ChatZilla and I feel somewhat wrong saying these things, since ChatZilla is still under early devlopment. Still, I agree with leafdigital that Netscape isn't losing much by excluding ChatZilla from Netscape 6.