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Friday May 26th, 2000

Today we have an article by Mike Angelo on Mozilla's Chatzilla IRC client. You might recognize Mike's name from his skinning tutorials on Mike has put together a general introduction to Chatzilla and how to get started using it. Click "Full Article" below to start.

#17 Welll... I dunno

by leafdigital

Tuesday May 30th, 2000 10:09 AM

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(Disclaimer: I'm the author of a Win32 IRC client, leafChat - <> - so I'm not entirely unbiased.)

I suppose Chatzilla is a good thing if it encourages people to use IRC (which is and always has been based - rather loosely - on an open standard, rather than the proprietary systems of AIM, ICQ, et al).

On the other hand, it's a really dire IRC client. Let's just hope (a) that it becomes a lot better by any kind of general release, and (b) that it doesn't put people off IRC for life.

I think the suggestion in the article that Netscape will "shoot themselves in the foot" if they don't include Chatzilla is silly. Nobody is going to download Mozilla rather than Netscape, just because it includes a bad IRC chat client. Having got Netscape, they'll also download a reasonably *decent* IRC chat client (unfortunately, most likely that'll be mIRC) if they want one. If they don't know they want one, then they won't bother with that either.

(BTW, Netscape had a really terrible IRC client once before. That died a death, thank the gods.)

Overall, though, I think it will be a good thing if (a) Chatzilla is improved at least to a semi-usable standard, and (b) it is then included in the Netscape 6 release. Anything that improves the profile of IRC has to be a good thing.