ActiveState to Build Cross-Platform IDE Using Mozilla Foundation!

Thursday May 25th, 2000

Mitchell Baker wrote in to tell us that ActiveState is also using Mozilla as foundation of its cross platform IDE "Komodo."

Again, this damn "Mozilla is a platform" meme keeps turning up, refusing to be squashed by the "Mozilla should only be a browser" naysayers (the same folks, mind you, who admit that Microsoft is turning IE into a platform as well). When a company like ActiveState throws its development muscle behind Mozilla as it has with this announcement, it proves that Mozilla is actually being recognized as a key to future cross-platform development.

#9 Re: Mozilla is not a platform.

by svn <>

Friday May 26th, 2000 8:56 AM

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Netscape is primarily focused on Mozilla as a browser, although the netscape contributors are taking care to put in the hooks necessary for it to be used as a platform. (Presumable AOL would find the hooks useful as well. I believe AIM uses Gecko for its layout, like Chatzilla!)

Open source volunteers usually build something that they personally are interested in using. They are not trying to help out the average browser user as a community service or trying to help out AOL/Netscape. It so happens that some contributors do want a better browser, and they are contributing towards that. Some other contributors want to build their own favorite application using Mozilla as a platform. They contribute to the browser only in the sense that they identify bugs etc. But they aren't slowing down the browser development either. This is open source, and you can't insist that the second group of volunteers must only work on the browsing functionality. If you did, they would just walk away.

Some people play dual roles. If you look at the chatzilla project page, you will see that Rob Ginda builds a browser by day (as a netscape employee) and chatzilla by night (as a volunteer)! If you "ban" chatzilla development, he may just decide to go to a movie instead!