ActiveState to Build Cross-Platform IDE Using Mozilla Foundation!

Thursday May 25th, 2000

Mitchell Baker wrote in to tell us that ActiveState is also using Mozilla as foundation of its cross platform IDE "Komodo."

Again, this damn "Mozilla is a platform" meme keeps turning up, refusing to be squashed by the "Mozilla should only be a browser" naysayers (the same folks, mind you, who admit that Microsoft is turning IE into a platform as well). When a company like ActiveState throws its development muscle behind Mozilla as it has with this announcement, it proves that Mozilla is actually being recognized as a key to future cross-platform development.

#19 Bunk

by eriix <>

Monday May 29th, 2000 11:01 PM

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" IE isn't a platform, either. Yes, in single-browser company environments it can be used as the basis of custom software, but that's *it*. Nobody else does significant work in IE-based applications. Same applies to Mozilla. "

That's BS! Ever heard of musicmatch jukebox, alice 99, tons of internet-based apps on windows... IE is, unfortunately, used often by developers too stupid to realize that it is not part of windows... Then again, these are the people who actually believe that windows is an OS and dos is just an app that runs under it (which allows me to have SO much fun daring people to delete and laughing in their faces when their computer won't boot any more)! People should learn that it is still possible to fix Microsoft's mistakes and remove ie from installations of windows. Just use 98lite at <> then delete c:\windows\system\mshtml*.* . Bingo! An IE free install (_VERY_ important for a low RAM of low HD space system like mine). Now open your favorite apps and see just how stupid some developers can be. They can't include the sections of IE that they use because it's not OS; they just opt to /assume/ that ie will always be there...